Service & Support Administration lisadanford May 27, 2024

Service & Support Administration

Hamilton County DD Services works with people at all stages of life to identify supports they need and connect them to service providers.

Our service and support administrators (SSAs) use tools to discover a person’s strengths, abilities, talents and dreams. SSAs use this information to create a person-centered plan and identify funding or other supports to help people with DD create a meaningful life.

Miara Miles’ SSA helped her find a home in the community. “I was put in a nursing home due to some medical difficulties,” she said. “My SSA came to see me. I told her how I wanted to be out of the nursing home and I wanted to be in the community.”

Together, they looked at houses and found one perfect for Miles because it let her keep her dog.

HCDDS has 10 SSA teams, each with dedicated expertise. In 2023, 5,012 people had service and support administrators (SSAs).

Learn more about Service and Support Administration at Call (513) 559-6990 to discuss eligibility and find out if an SSA is right for you.

Two women stand smiling in front of a house with a wheelchair ramp. A window displays a sign that reads "Spring is here" with trees and flowers.
A person with long hair is smiling and holding up a piece of paper in one hand, while the other hand is raised holding keys. They are wearing a green shirt and a black jacket, standing in a room with a bed and a fridge.