Talking Tech in Ohio Ryan Braun December 5, 2021

Talking Tech in Ohio


By Robert Shuemak

Technology is an important tool to assist us in our everyday lives. It helps people communicate, keep track of tasks, and live more independently. Earlier this year, I was part of a new program called Ohio Tech Ambassadors.

These advocates from across Ohio shared what accessible technology we use, the barriers we’ve overcome, and how others can use technology, too. Tech Ambassadors talked about tools to help in all aspects of our lives, including these smartphone apps:

  • Seeing AI is an app that uses your camera to read printed text, identify people, and describe objects in your environment.
  • is an app that can record and transcribe audio in real-time. You can use it to get your own captions for videos, meetings or conversations. Your recordings are searchable so you can find them again later.
  • Soundscape is an app to help navigate your surroundings by giving audio or visual feedback. It can announce street names, landmarks, and bus stops. It can also alert you of important locations you want to remember.
  • The fully accessible Transit app from Cincinnati Metro lets you track bus routes and Uber rides in real-time. It will let you know nearby bus routes, the arrival time of the next bus, and when your Uber will arrive.

Many people also use personal assistants like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, or others. These tools can set alarms and reminders, schedule appointments, or answer simple questions. You can often find these devices at stores or buy them directly from the manufacturers.

The accessible technology that we use allows us to live independently, participate in our communities, and be mentors to others who want to gain better access to our world.

Learn more about the Ohio Tech Ambassadors program at If you have questions about accessible technology and tools, contact Robert Shuemak at (513) 301-5901 or